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My name is Sifra and I am from The Netherlands. Just like a lot of other women in the UAE I moved to Dubai, because of my husband's job. He is on his work mission, and I am on my own mission.
Giving women in Dubai a beautiful natural look with great long full lashes and perfect styled brows which fits their face.


Always wanted to have full, long, dark and curved lashes without using eyelash curlers and spending lots of money on serums, beauty products or lash extensions. Don´t like the damage to your lashes after lash extensions or maybe your allergic to the treatment. We have the perfect treatment for you, the LASH LIFT!

Eyelashes you always dreamed of! the LASH LIFT is a treatment of your own eyelashes, without applying false eyelashes. The lashes are lifted by silicone pads and lotions. Because of the high-quality products we use, we don't damage the lashes. The Lash lift can be used on all types of eyelashes, both short and long. With the Lash Lift technique, the lashes are lifted up, making the lashes appear longer and fuller, which results in a striking look.


Unfortunately, we are not all blessed with full, well-formed eyebrows and make-up is not always the perfect solution. Perhaps recognizable for you:

- Because of the heat, the sun, or water, your make-up fades. Nothing more embarrassing than losing your eyebrows in the middle of the day.
- Also recognizable? After a morning rush, to find out in the afternoon your eyebrow make-up is too high on your brows. So your facial expression looks really wondering.

Happy to tell you, we have the the solution HENNA BROWS! Waking up and going to bed with well-shaped eyebrows which last any weather condition. A natural looking eyebrow which compliments your looks and features. HENNA BROWS colors the skin and hair which makes your brows look fuller, thicker and well shaped. The HENNA stays on the skin for a maximum of 2 weeks and on the hair for 7 weeks. The treatment is all natural and pain-free, so no needles, blades or chemical ink.


Always wanted to have fuller and more symmetrical brows.  By lifting your brows to desired direction and shape and tint them, you get the most fullness out of your natural growth. You may have noticed pictures of full, slicked-up brows with a high-shine finish taking over your Instagram Explore page. Well, that's brow lifting or also known as brow lamination.

Brow lifting "takes your unruly or thinning brow hair and smoothes it out while also lifting the hair in a more vertical direction,"

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